Monday, May 27, 2013

Sorting By Color - Free Download!

Hi Friends!
Over the 3 day weekend, I made some time to create a color sorting activity. Using the beloved Google Images, I found pictures of both cartoon and real objects for the kids to sort. I made them all into flashcards for you to download and use with your students! There are 90 cards, 10 pictures for each color. The colors included are yellow, orange, blue, green, red, brown, black, purple, and pink. (After creating them, I realized it would have been helpful to add "white" objects for sorting. Check back later for those!)

There are numerous ways to use these cards: 

Receptive ID (identification) - "touch the red car" or "which one is the yellow banana?"

Expressive ID - "what is this?" "what color is this?" 

Matching - print two sets of each card

Feature Function Class - have the kids identify items by FFC (ex. "which one do you eat?")

Sort by Category - food, color, clothes, etc

Get creative and have the kids match the cards to buckets with a color card on the outside of each one or have the kids find the cards in a scavenger hunt game around the classroom, etc.

I hope you enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE!


  1. Hi! Do you happen to have data sheets for sorting by color, shape, or attribute? Thanks!!

  2. thanks so much! this was very helpful!

  3. merci pour ce partage,cela va être très utile comme support de langage,tri,catégorie,etc... pour mes jeunes élèves autistes sans langage.

  4. Thank you! Very much appreciated! Saved me a lot of time!!!

  5. Super helpful. I'm sure you put in a lot of effort to make these sheets. Appreciate you making them available.