Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Zoo Book!

I decided to do a zoo theme for the first month of school this year and am really excited about all the fun animal things we have been doing (mainly because I participated in a life changing experience on vacation this summer where I HAND-FED A GIRAFFE which only confirmed my obsession for the awkwardly beautiful creatures).

I wanted to share a book that I made and give you some ideas on how to use this book. I saw a cutesy little song about going to the zoo where you sing "I went to the zoo one day, zoo one day, zoo one day... I went to the zoo one day and I saw a ____" and you fill in the blank with a zoo animal. What I did was print each page, laminate them, and then hole punch each at the top and bind them using a metal book ring. 


- Print extra pictures of each animal, laminate them, and use adhesive Velcro on the back of each picture to have them match and attach the pictures to each page. You can do an activity where you hold up a page from the book and put out 3-5 photos in front of the student. Tell them to match the correct animal.

- Sing the song while showing the page and have the student fill in the blank by saying what the animal is

- Have them identify the animals (expressively - "What animal is this?" and receptively - "Show me the panda")

- Sing the song, filling in the animal and then have them find the correct page (or photo if you want to place the photos in an array in front of the student during a table activity)

- Have them match plastic animal toys to the pages

- Have them match non-identical pictures to the photos of the animals (you can use google images/Boardmaker and print off various pictures of the animals, including cartoon pictures, etc)

- Have them identify the colors of the animals (and even match the environment that they live in, the stripes or spots on their fur, etc. depending on the cognitive level of your student)

This is a preview page from the book... which you can download for free HERE!!!

*Just a note... I did get these images from the good ol' interwebs and saw the song idea on a site that I cannot remember the name of. If you see something included in my book that deserves to be tagged with a link to where it originated from, please leave a cordial comment or email and I will give it the rightful props!


  1. OMG you such a good teacher. I am in chock!!!
    Keep up the great work.
    I would love to know in which school do you teach. My child has autism and you are the kind of teacher he needs. Well you are the kind of teacher every child needs to be truthful. Thanks for you hard work.

    1. Thank you for such a kind comment! I absolutely love my job and teaching these precious minds! I work in the Washington DC Metro area :)

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