Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let's get my feet wet...


After four years of urging from my husband, I have decided to take the plunge and write a blog devoted to my career. It took me this long because while I have experienced some really interesting and enlightening moments over the past few years, it has taken a lot of learning opportunities to really hack away at what I am passionate enough about to share with people who might actually invest a lunch break to sit down and check out what I am posting among millions on the internet.

The name is simple and self explanatory. I teach early learners who have autism or delays in behavior/language that mimic characteristics of autism. My program uses applied behavior analysis and verbal behavior to facilitate a language intensive learning environment.

I work for one of the top school systems in the nation. The opportunity to work for this school system has been life changing - for both me and the students I will serve forever in my future (whether I stay in this school system or not). One of the main reasons I decided that it was necessary to create this blog is because I am receiving an almost unfair amount of information and trainings that could be so beneficial to people who do not have access to that level of resource.

Some things I will be covering on this blog: how to write appropriate goals and objectives on IEP’s (Individual Education Plan), how to manage and organize a preschool autism classroom, fine and gross motor strategies, helpful resources and research, lesson plans and themes to use, materials and supplies that are helpful, language and communication strategies, activity ideas, curriculum planning, and more! I will talk about inappropriate behaviors and toilet training and what transitions look like in the classroom. And of COURSE funny classroom stories will be shared J

I am excited about this new project so here goes nothing!

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